13 Corona Falls at FCM Zwickau canceled against Magdeburg

Forced break for the FCM: After some players have complained about cold symptoms over the past few days, a PCR test of squad and coaches and caregiver rod on Tuesday revealed a total of 13 positive findings. After consultation with the relevant health department, a quarantine for all affected actors and their direct contact persons were ordered.

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Affected players vaccinated or recover

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We had a high number of flu, in the past few days. In such diseases, there is always a bad feeling in the current time of the Corona pandemic. Unfortunately, this has been confirmed after a comprehensive PCR test, says sports chief Omar Short s events The leader of the 3rd league. All players have been vaccinated or recovered, which is why they are now planning refresh vaccinations for the team. For the coming days, the Vegeburgers are initially extensive PCR tests within the game compartment and coaching team.

One day after the positive PCR tests, the DFB took place on Wednesday to apply the Magdeburg to the cancellation of the upcoming third ligament game at PSV Wicket. The Vegeburgers are currently available less than 16 appointed players, with which the minimum limit anchored in the paragraph is below, it was said in the justification with reference to paragraph 15 of the implementation rules for the DFB play order. A catch-up date is currently not fixed.

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