Will The Elder Scrolls VI Microsoft

Xbox Game Studios, created in 1994 Under the name Microsoft Game Studios (likewise called Microsoft Gaming and Microsoft Studios), is a business owned by Microsoft that creates as well as publishes video clip games for Microsoft Windows marked platforms or Xbox, Xbox gaming consoles 360, Xbox One and also Xbox Series.

The Elder Scrolls VI also appears for other platforms or not? Phil Spencer indicates something, but there is nothing final.

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Since Microsoft has bought Bethesda some time ago, question always comes up with the exclusivity of various games. Phil Spencer, Chief of the Xbox division, said then that this question will be decided individually for every title and so far the Xbox boss word holds. While it has already decided at Star field to publish the game only on the Xbox Series X / S, the PC as well as for the Game Pass, to Remaster of Quake has also been launched on other consoles.

At the Elder Scrolls VI, the cubes are apparently not like yet, but Phil Spencer says in the interview with the British GQ that he looks the same for the role-playing game as for Star field. In his eyes, Xbox is a holistic experience and include Xbox Live, Game Pass, Cloud Gaming, Friends Lists and Transferable Storage Stiles. If games for Xbox appear, then you should also offer the complete package. That s what your own games and brands and there he counts The Elder Scrolls VI of course with it.

A confirmation that The Elder Scrolls VI appears only for Microsoft s platforms is not yet, but a strong tendency. Astounding, however, would not be the step.

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