FC Bayern Lothar Matthew Hansi Flick had no feeling in Munich

Record international Other Matthews sees itself after the seven wins of the national team under national coach Hans Flick reminded the year 1990 when Germany became world champion. For this, not only the stars of Bavaria are responsible.

If the enthusiasm, which is already well recognized to again, will be much more pronounced during the next World Championship and becomes bigger with each victory, then the players will also reach the players in Qatar and drive them to high performance, wrote the 60-year-old In his sky column.

That s how we went to us in Italy in 1990, when we went in every telephone call or in the media, as the hope and belief in the team in the home permanently rose, Matthews remembered.

DFB-ELF Not only the players knows flick from FC Bayern

And something else lets him think about his time as a captain of the World Champion eleven. I dare a big comparison and say: Hans reminds me of Franz. Just as we hung Franz Beckenbauer on his lips in 1990, when he spoke to us, so I feel that even this player generation listens to Hans too You speak. Everyone like him, all are excited about him, all run for him to win a game.

How Hansi Flick took Bayern Munich from 7th in the Bundesliga to a Champions League title | ESPN FC

Not only are the players who know Flick from FC Bayern and who wrote history together. It s also the guys from Wolfsburg, Manchester, Dortmund or Freiburg, said Matthew. They have fun, fun, are satisfied, and Hans seems to have found his life task. He wants a feel-good environment, and he had no more at the end near Bavaria.

However, the sunshine can not always prevail. Currently there were 30, 35 players at this international match. When it comes to nominating the World Cup squad, he will disappoint players and leave them at home. But he will tell them so that they have it despite all the disappointment, national teamy And humanly somehow can understand, said Matthew.

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