WoW Patch 9 2 Tier Sets aus Raids PvP Mythic

The name Bad Luck Protection appeared in the WOW context for the first time in the WOW context for the first time during the Legion expansion. At that time, many thoughts of players turned to the Legendary s and how much luck and lucky pitch they have been looking for the for They had optimal legendary items. The Blizzard developers wanted every supporter of the Horde and Alliance from time to time over such legendary stumbled. So they implemented a system that successfully improved the drop-downs of the items, the more often one went out.

Apparently, there is also a kind of protection against bad luck for the new animal armor from WOW patch 9.2. In an interview with Gamer braves (via TOWHEAD), Lead Game Designer Morgan Day explained how the system should work around the class sets.

During Patch 9.1, the Blizzard devs got the feedback from players who could not earn their wish splinters or desire bonuses even after months in the RAID. That frustrated.
For the animal armor from the new RAID instance Mausoleum of the first should no longer happen.
Some time after the launch of patch 9.2 we will unlock a forge and earn a new currency. We can use this currency in turn to convert item rewards from the PVP and mythic plus dungeons to the blacksmith in animal set parts.
This system works like a kind of Bad Luck Protection, for which certain set parts in the RAID simply do not want to drop. At the same time, the system allows PVP and Dungeon fans to earn the animal sets. And it is a good way to third way to get the equipment of twinks in a targeted manner.

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Normally the developers would bring such a system very late in the content cycle of a patch. This time, however, the introduction will take place earlier to give players a clearer roadmap. In the way we have never been able to earn animal sets, which is why the developers are looking forward to the feedback.
The set bonuses will work like the set bonuses in the past. In the best case, they provide fun and unique advantages for certain way of playing, with the bonuses change if your specialization changes. Through the bonuses, the rotations should feel fresh and especially.

What do you think about this type of Bad Luck Protection for the new animal armor from WOW patch 9.2? Track us in the comments!

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