All regional gatherings SWC 2021 World Final 4 river development

Shang Chanson (Chinese 商春松, Pinyin Shang Chanson, March 18, 1996, in Zhangjiajie, Hunan) is a Chinese art winter months, which in grownups given that 2010 for Chinese nationwide selection. As an outcome of poor nutrition in youth for her very tiny stature professional athlete, her team led her group at the 2014 and 2015 World Championships, respectively, to a 2nd location in the method. As a 4th positioned, she additionally missed in 2015 only a bronze medal in individuality and Baden tours. At the 2014 Asia playing, she had the ability to commemorate fantastic successes when she has gotten gold in the manifold, silver in individuality as well as dental as well as bronze on the float. As a version, she calls the United States star gymnast Simone Miles.

Summer Mourners Wonders (SWC2021) of the World Final 8th Tournament has established a four-person entry into the final stage at the end of the fierce tournament.

Online, Big, Android, Diligent, and Tars players were on the 4th round in the SWC2021 World Final 8th Tournament.

The first game of the 8th Round Tournament was held in the third-largest Korean player Jack- and the first place BIG, the third-largest Asian Pacific Cup. BIG has been using the OCT monster at a set, and after receiving the approval, 2 sets also used a Notion Agent monster to record a strategy and recorded a winning streak. Then, we won the three sets quickly and gave the first semi-final ticket as a result of 3 to 0.

[PУССКИЙ] SWC 2021 1-й день отборочных игр, Европа | Summoners War
In the second match, the second-largest Asian Pacific Cup, Korea s Second baby and the first place Android, the first place Android, was finalized, and was finished with the 3-to-0 victory of Android. Android properly utilizes the water attribute Made and the water properties brain monster, and after taking a victory, and after the victory, he won the Fire Properties Rich to the last set.

In the third match, traditional Anglo Diligent, a traditional Anglo Diligent, which is an advantage of the last SWC2019 World Final 8th Strength, was held. Already has rigged a set of 1 sets in a fast attack style, but it has been proceed to a set of 1 sets, but it has been fed too DILIGENT to the DILIGENT to give the DILIGENT to ingrate the off effects that dismiss the opponent s skills in three sets.

SWC2021 The last game of the 8th Round Tournament was decorated with TARS and European Cup ISMOO, which is the first challenge of the SIC World Final. The Dark Hose Tars, which is considered a potent winning candidate, has given one set of ISMOO, but it was a combination of wind attributes in two sets, and the combination of the Fairy King and Fairy King, and a combination of the Fairy King, At the end of the 3 and 4 sets, TARS was held at the end of the aperture,

Through a fierce engagement, the athletes who have named the fourth round are scheduled to have a seat of Summer News Wars around the world through the semi-finals and finals.

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