Dozer s SOB 8 Ballistic Shield Deactivated in Battlefield 2042 Because Of Pest

Several players aspired to try Dozen s shield in Battlefield 2042 yet quickly learned it was gone completely..

Millions of players around the globe are currently playing Battlefield 2042.

It is clear that this title had a troublesome advancement. Including to that, its beta was not precisely smooth either.

Currently, that the video game is out, brand-new concerns have actually emerged.

Specifically, Dozen s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield has actually been debatable since Battlefield 2042 has been launched.

Dozen s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield Removed in Battlefield 2042.

EA reported that Dozen s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield would certainly be briefly gotten rid of because of an insect..

This removal uses to All-Out War, Danger Zone, and also Battlefield Website.

According to EA, the reason for this elimination is relevant to habits outside the desired style.

In simpler terms, the shield makes Dozen invincible.

So far, Activision as well as EA have not shared a duration to solve this situation.

EA has actually definitely experienced a busy day resolving insects. Earlier today, Xbox players experienced a bug that influenced their Battlefield EA Play Trial.

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Some players are already sharing footage of this problem at work.

Evidently, the shield grants Dozen full damage resistance regardless of the angle.

Some players mentioned just how disappointed they are with this circumstance. Especially since content is being removed on the first day.

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Additionally, one player directed out how this insect was missed out on during testing.

Dozer Shield DISABLED | Why this is GOOD | Battlefield 2042 Launch Day

It is unknown what caused this problem in specific. But, it is a huge miss out on considering how much it affects each match.

With any luck, Dozen s shield will certainly be back quickly. In the meanwhile, you can look into every automobile confirmed in Battlefield 2042.

Last but not least, if you are right into standards, here is every truck validated for Battlefield 2042 s Site Mode.

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