Basic free MMORPG Elyon officially started service Jeretsu 2 50 Special movie also released

Game-on has launched the official service of the basic play free battle action MMORPG LYON ( LION ) today from November 12th. In recent years, special movies starring Mr. Egrets 2:50 have also been published.

About Lion

Version is a large range of customization about combat, such as the addition effect of skills and attacks, and it is MMORPG that can enjoy powerful battle actions of non-targeting methods in your own style.

It is possible to combine more than 3 million and more than 3 million basal skills, and you can find your own individuality with the combination, and a new title of expectation to wait from EVE to PVP. Is.


The secret of portal that was present from ancient times is solved and strong energy MANA was discovered.

People s life became rich, but the world that came to see more energy was asked for limited resources and eventually divided into two powers.

The two powers who explored various worlds beyond the portal to compete, finally, the ultimate MANA discovers a huge portal Lion connected to the sleepy place.

Now, the age of the intense war of those who try to make Version is open for the curtain-

Lyon gameplay can participate from the official site. Campaign for officially service start commemoration is also held, so let s check if you participate in the game.

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