GTA Trilogy Fans expressing authorized worries

Grand Theft Automobile: The Trilogy — The Clear-cut Edition is an announced compilation from 3 video games of the Grand-theft Automobile Collection: Grand Theft Car III (2001), Grand Theft Car: Vice City (2002) and also Grand Burglary Auto: San Andreas (2004). It is established by the US producer Grove Street Gaming and ought to be released by Superstar Gaming. All three games experience compared to their initial, enhancements in video game auto mechanics and also graphics. The compilation will appear on November 11, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series as well as in the first fifty percent of 2022 for Android and also iOS.

GTA Trilogy Ремастер курильщика... или нет?

GTA Trilogy should appear on November 11th and there are still not all details known. Doubtful leaks now heat the rumor kitchen: must the game collection separate from a large part of the old soundtracks?

GTA Trilogy: Leak wants to betray painted songs

Drive on the in neon light-soaked streets from Vice City and listen to the radio, which plays the best hits of the 80s — this is pure nostalgia. But GTA fans are now asking for some songs, which may not be back in GTA Trilogy.

The reason for this is an alleged leak, which shows the song list of the total soundtracks to the game. A few classics like Billie Jean and white wedding should therefore get back in GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas s ears. Other fan lures, such as killing in the name, did not get a green light for the new editions. (Source: Reddit / Zerrothedragon)

According to other sources, the song list was already confirmed as counterfeiting. So there is no certainty about what songs will pursue your criminal machinations in GTA Trilogy. (Source: Twitter / Genet)

So maybe everything remains at the old one?

Whether it will create the favorite songs of the fans back in GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas, is uncertain. Due to copyrights and spilled contracts between rock star and the plate companies, namely, a few of the legendary songs could still be absent.

For re-releases of GTA games, there were always missing songs in the past on their soundtracks. So the already mentioned song Billie Jean was deleted for an earlier re-release of GTA: Vice City, because the licenses were at Sony Music. GTA 4 and GTA 5 have removed songs even in retrospect per patch, when their licenses had expired.

Maybe Rockstar Games has made a lot more out of the negotiations with the record companies this time. Probably, however, you will still do without the one or the other good song.

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