ESO The 5 most important changes from Deadlands and what they mean for you

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (often abbreviated in Skyrim) is a video clip game and also action game established by Bethesda Video game Studios and released by Bethesda Soft works, released November 11, 2011, on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and also Microsoft Windows. It is the 5th opus of the Elder Scrolls video game collection, after Arena, Dagger fall, Morrow ind and Oblivion.
The game puts the player in the footwear of a complete stranger, who tried to leave the nation of Bordered, which is forbidden unless they have permission, ( Skyrim in English, thus the name of The piece), which is after that torn by a civil war that an intrusion of bellicose dragons just gets worse. The personality symbolized by the player is actually being the last Dragon child that, having found his powers, is the only one able to finish the problem that ravages the nation and to beat the dragons, awake of their sleep Centuries by Aldrin, the devoured of the worlds.
To this major structure adds a wide range of added quests that welcome the player to choose, to participate as well as uncover a vast open world of fantasy motivated by north culture, occupied by numerous ethnic groups (Nordic, Imperial, Breton, Rougegardies, Armenians, Elf timber, high fairies, black elves, habits, oracles, farmers, etc.), as well as mixing substantial plains, snowy heights, wooded valleys, dark caves, lost temples and castles.
Essential as well as Industrial Success, the game combines in November 2016, 5 years after its departure, greater than 30 million systems expired. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — Scandal Sheet, a remastered variation of the game, is left on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows on October 28, 2016. This version provides mod assistance, the 3 extensions, as well as a complete visuals update. Portages on Nintendo Switch Over and also PlayStation VR came out on November 17, 2017.

On November 1, 2021, new update 32 Headlands the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online has been released. Mango author MiezeMelli provides you the most important changes and explains to you what they mean to you.

The latest update 32 Headlands is one of the area LCS. This means you ll get with this DLC a new area, or in this particular case even two. The story follows on from the main quest in Chapter Blackwood.

However, you do not have to play Blackwood necessarily have to start directly with the story in the dead countries. For additional final quest chain does. The order does for unlocking this quest, however, is not important.

In addition, the basic game added some features with which we shall deal first.

5 Things You Should Know about the Upcoming Deadlands DLC in ESO
1. The introduction of the Arsenal system

With the new tool you can now save your builds, so equipment, skills and champion points. In addition, you can also optionally add gear or a curse (vampire or werewolf).

2 places for compilations gets her free.

Another Arsenal space costs 1,500 kroner a crown shop. But noted that the courts character across are not.

For many PC gamers, the new tool is not really something new. Already for several years, players using add-ons to be able to store their different builds and call., An essential advantage of this variant is also that it is free. You can store as many builds as you want.

In addition, you can use them anywhere. The Arsenal system can only be selected through a table or Arsenal agents (for 5,000 crowns in the crown shop).

At what point the Arsenal system from the Add-on features apart, the choice is a curse for individual builds. You can therefore be seen as the vampire or werewolf at will Toggle on and off. Also, can save their different variations of ability.

So you definitely need not roll back for gold your abilities. But ultimately it is balancing thing, which of the two options you choose. For console gamers the Arsenal system with the two empty seats but ever a helpful extension in the basic game.

Once the pros and cons summarized:


Switching between hexes (vampire & werewolf)
Use different variations of capabilities without gold cost
New Tool for console players


Many builds very costly
Spaces non-character across
There is a free alternative for PC gamers

Currently, there is a free table at Arsenal crown shop. The can you place in your home. I would recommend every player to take the free-Item and himself once to watch the Arsenal system. Who wants to buy later more places that can make optional.

Those who prefer to stay with the add-ons that can continue to do so. Here again an overview of the various options:

Wizard s Wardrobe
Dressing Room
Alpha Gear

My personal favorite is Wizard s Wardrobe, because you can store individual champion points and also optional add-on automatically changes the sets at different bosses, etc.

2 . Curated chance to object Sets

So far you got purely random loot. This has now changed, at least in part, in relation to your collection and item sets. You have to get an increased chance of weapons, equipment, or jewelry pieces with Update 32, you are still missing in your collection.

You should your collection, so they can complete more quickly in the future.

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Tip: If you need a particular item, then you do with a player, which only this missing item in the collection. Since he has an increased chance of this item and no other more remains, it is likely that you will also get that exact item.

3 . Hard cap for critical damage

So far, you could damage the critical unlimited increase by sets and buffs. Not anymore, because there since the update a hard cap for critical damage. The limit is exactly 125%.

While you can theoretically put equipment that would continue to increase it. But in the fight only 125% are miteinberechnet. So it is not worth it at all so far to focus solely on critical damage.

What does this mean for my build? Sit thoroughly deal with your character and considered whether it does not change the equipment or the Champion points. Observed while buffs and passive abilities. For more details you look at this article:

ESO: Update 32 Headlands brings four big Combat Changes

4 . Hybridization of the equipment sets

The previously existing in the game sets and their bonuses were adjusted:

Sets that have granted either magic or weapon power now grant both
Sets that have granted physical penetration or magic penetration now grant both
Sets that have granted critical magic or arms goals now generally grant critical hits

This makes many sets again interesting for characters that use the other attribute each. For example, the set of nut tears is now not only interesting for Magic DDS, but can also be used by endurance DDS.

These set changes currently have the impact that many players like crazy the set Kansas wrath (black dragon villa) farm. This is an average armor set, which has become interesting for Magic DDS by the changed. Here once the set bonuses at a glance:

(2 items) grants 121 magic & weapon power
(3 items) grants 618 rating for critical hits
(4 items) grants 121 magic & weapon power
(5 items) If you cause damage with a light or heavy attack, you will receive a heart from up to 5 simulations for 5 seconds. As long as you have 5 simulation, you radiate an aura of wrath. You will receive greater rage, which increases your caused damage by 10%. As long as you have an aura of anger, allies get within 12 meters smaller rage, which increases their damage caused by 5%.

5 . New areas: Fern grab and the Totenländer

Update 32 is a territory DLC. Thus, ESO gets two new areas. Both areas are located outside NIR. The same you already know from the areas of cold port, Arthur and the city of the clockworks.

Remote grave is an area in which the peoples we know with the Tremor coexist and operate peacefully. The whole city looks like a huge bazaar with winding streets. Everywhere it glitters, and the sparkling objects quickly draw attention to their bright colors.

The Totenlanders, however, are pretty much the opposite of the distance grave. It is a trial and enemy environment. Keyhole Rocks are inhabited by you hostile-minded-minded creatures and now and then beat a lightning beside you with loud bang.

And of course, there is also a final quest line of the story of Oblivion s narrative, as well as several side quests.

Through the new area ESO also gets some other new things:

6 new equipment sets — in this article you can learn more about the new equipment sets from the update 32 Headlands
3 new mythical objects (mythic items):
Belarus band
Market ring of the grandeur
Shoulder bands of the destruction
2 New Homes:
SSA Accenting
Rise of the pain

Also, there is also a few sky shards to discover. By the way, these will now be displayed in your compass as soon as you approach one of the shards. After the collection you will now also find a symbol on your card.

In this guide you will learn where to find the new sky shards from Update 32 Headlands.

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