Steam Deck Release When does Valves handheld appear and for whom is he worthwhile

The Steam Deck is an announced portable video game console and portable computer created by US Valve Firm. A publication is prepared for December 2021.

Soon the Steam Deck of Valve appears. Mango explains what you need to know to release the steam deck and what to pay attention to pre-orders.

Surprisingly, Valve had presented the Steam Deck in the summer of 2021. Little surprisingly, after the presentation, there was also direct comparisons with a possible Nintendo Switch Pro, there are clear differences between switch and steam deck.

But still not everything is clear.

When does the Steam deck appear at all?
What about the reservations currently?
Is it worth it for me to buy now a reservation?

Mango introduces you all the important things around the release and also explains you for whom the Steam Deck of Valve could be worthwhile.

Release: When does the Steam Deck appears in Germany?

When is the Steam Deck Release? According to the official website, the Steam Deck is available from December 2021 for shipping. This applies at least for the first users who have pre-ordered a steam deck directly at the beginning.

However, it is not completely clear when you then keep your ordered steam deck in your hands, because Valve had not explained when the first devices are delivered in December?

When you get your steam deck depends on the reservation

Since when can you pre-order? Pre-orders have been possible since Friday, July 16, 2021, at 19 o clock. You have to pay a reservation fee of 4 euros and can only pre-order a console. This should provide Fairness according to Steam. However, this does not prevent greedy scalper from selling your reservations for the steam deck for a lot of money on eBay.

If you are currently wanting to reserve a steam deck, then you have to wait for from June 2022 until you can order the console. When this is delivered then is not yet known. Valve writes on its own website that orders after the second quarter 2022 are possible (as of: 8.11.2021).

Steam Deck: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW
You can pre-order the Steam Deck directly in the Steam Store.

You should note that:

Recently, the order date from the basic model was postponed to the first quarter of 2022.
Meanwhile, the order date is back in the second quarter 2022.
The current resource scarcity for electrical appliances should continue to delay the delivery of the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck is aimed at supplement to the gaming PC

What does the Steam Deck offer? The Steam Deck is a handheld console of Valve and is similar to the size of the Nintendo Switch. Nevertheless, the device is not limited to the use of Steam games. You can also install other operating systems or software on the device and use the device in a completely different way.

How much power does the Steam Deck? Valve had already explained that you can gauge pretty much every game on the steam deck. Meanwhile, there are also first unofficial benchmarks to the Steam Deck, which show how much power the console could offer. In the theory, the Steam Deck has 1.6 flops and thus supplies about as much computing power as the PS4.

What can you do with Steam Deck? You can install Windows on the console, for example. In this way, you can then play about your favorite games of Gog or on the console or can try various Launcher. The Steam Deck is similar in this regard to a mini-PC as a console such as the PS5, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. Theoretically, you can also use the device instead of games for multimedia or office activities.

Everything that you should know about the Steam Deck and must find, you will find on our overview page here on Mango:

Steam deck — for who is Valves Steam Deck worthwhile?

Finally, we want to explain to you, for whom the Steam Deck could actually be worthwhile, and for whom the handheld console of Valve is rather less recommended. Should Valve publish more information about the Steam Deck, we update our list:

For whom worth the Steam Deck?

You are looking for a small, powerful device that allows you to gamble on the way.
You do not need a big display for gambling.
You also want to play small or indie title on the way.
You want to try new hardware directly to the release.
You like Valves Open-Source approach in the gaming area with Steams.

For whom is the Steam Deck not worth it?

You do not just want to set to Steam OS or / does not want to install Windows.
You want all games on Full HD with maximum settings.
Mouse and keyboard are basically preferable for gambling.
Your is looking for a device that you can use for multimedia and Office applications.

What would be an alternative for mobile gaming? A mobile alternative for gaming would be a gaming laptop if you want to use the device not only for gambling, but also for general tasks. All tips and tricks that you need to consider before buying a laptop can read in our overview: What do you have to consider when buying a gaming laptop?

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