Regrection has raised the bar and creators of horror games should take note

UNO (; from Italian and Spanish for one ; stylized as UNO) is an American shedding-type card game that is played with a specifically printed deck. The game s basic principles placed it into the insane eights family members of card games, and it resembles the traditional European game mammal.
It has been a Mattel brand name because 1992.

From time to time, a game appears that does not look like anything else on the market. Register of Revolver Digital is one of these games. Created by Daniel Mullins, who has already developed frightening independent Hits Pony Island and The Hex, register is based on the title of the Game Jam sacrifices must be made. However, if Must Be Made sacrifices is a proof of concept that a horror game based on cards could work, register takes this premise and go farther than it has the right.

Register is a horror game. It s a card game. It s a Pixel Art RPG. Furthermore, it s a series of pictures found. Furthermore, it s an are. In all these incarnations, he creates a thick and strange atmosphere that made me shudder. There is virtually no jump scares in this game, but I still found to move back from the computer at times, and some developments at the end of the game will stay with me for months or even years. Above all, enrollption is an unparalleled experience, and I firmly believe that it is a challenge that creators, especially horror creators, can accomplish.

First: what exactly does the register? I could say that Corruption is an intense and scary card game with puzzle and adventure game elements, and this description would not be incorrect. However, it would be selling this very short title, as register is not just a scary game, these are three frightening games in one — all pursuing the same story while sneaking into a sequence scenario found just as disturbing. If you intend to play enrollment for yourself, I implore you to do so to have the complete and intact experience of its many twists. Everyone can go to the next paragraph.

Regalia is a series of nested stories that are gradually denied as you progress in the game. The first layer sees you trapped in a dark cabin and forced to play a game with a dark opponent whose brilliant eyes and The knotted hands have no mercy. The second layer is responsible for exploring a world of pixel art reminiscent of classic Game Boy RPGs to overcome the four legendary Scribes and replace one of them. The third layer brings you back into a dark and closed zone, this time with a newer and more robotic opponent than you have to fight to thwart and thwart.

Each of these sections could easily support a complete game dedicated to the premise, but the relatively fast rhythm of register allows you to remain constantly behind. I spent all my part to guess what new mechanics the game was going to start and what new twists would accompany them. Absolutely all about the mechanics and progression of the game has been designed to confuse the player, and I love it. You can not hit New Game before having already traveled two-thirds. If you seem to be blocked, the answer is usually to return to the main menu and see if something new has been unlocked. When the game finally finished, it took me some time to accept that it was actually finished — I had been cheated too many times. In short, register is a real journey, and he dares other games to meet him or surpass him.

When I say that inscription does not look like anything that I saw before, I speak as much of the story as mechanics. This can surprise some people because enrollment is a classic example of CreepyPasta horror online. Come on, a cursed game with a dark secret, filled with smart characters that can go directly to the player — or rather to the player of the universe -? There is a whole kind of creepy pastas with this premise. What distinguishes enrollption, apart from the control of the technique and the production values, it is that he knows exactly what it is and what he tries to be: a complete alternative reality game following an Unfortunate who discovers a terrible secret, with the unconscious player discover that as the events take place.

This is true: Register does not only contain three nested stories plus the story of Luke Carder, the guy playing at the game, it also contains a treasure of hidden secrets and codes that fans are grouped together to solve in a format of play actually alternative. There is a group on the discord of the game that collaborates in the resolution of these final puzzles to unlock even more secrets surrounding enrollption, the Old Data and the company that has both created the game and is ready to kill to keep it. Content. This corresponds to all times the game allows you, as a player, to see Carder, either through dialog boxes, webcam sequences, apparently recorded videos for its Vlog chain and clips D foreigners who really have nothing to do with the game at all.

When you play enrollment, you slip into the carder s skin without realizing it. This makes the resolution of very personal are, because you feel like trying to solve your own murder. This is not the first game to use the attributes of an are, but it is clear that Mullins has decided to launch the enclosure are after the game output, not before. In other words, the enrollment are is not a marketing gadget — it is part of the game itself.

The register is a sacred multimedia experience. Mullins has incorporated scary images, themes and mechanisms in the game that it is now a challenge for horror creators around the world, which they work on horror games, web series of horror or are. The creators of all media can and must learn from them, and I hope to see some techniques used by Mullins in registering surface in other games, Web series and are in the future. If there is one thing I learned from regrow, it is a small budget and a global pandemic are not an excuse for not creating the masterpiece of meta-horror of your dreams. Although there are definitely scary games, I ve never seen a video game try — and succeed — as much as inscription in a nice little package.

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