Horizon Forbidden West details the new game beasts

Horizontal West Prohibited is easily one of the most anticipated Titles of PlayStation for 2022, and the Games Guerrilla developer has provided a new update to generate expectation. In Horizontal forbidden, Ally was plagued by the machines that had seized the earth, and players can expect to see new and recurrent threats in the follow-up. In a new PlayStation entry in the blog, Guerrilla Games revealed how it is forbidden, it will be based on the concepts of the original game, while expanding the idea of ​​these opponents. According to the main designer of machines, Blake Polite ski, the new environments gave the team new opportunities.

We are exploring a new area within the world of Horizon, says Polite ski. It was interesting to find out what kind of machines they would live in different ecological zones and how they would interact with each other, with their surroundings and, of course, with humans. The machines are the so-called caregivers of this world, then how they work it was always interesting to consider their roles and what the player can do to use these behaviors in their benefit.

Players can expect to see returning machines, including Watcher and Chapman, as well as new opponents, such as Clawstrider, Sunning and Tremor tusk. The Tremor tusk inspired by the mammoth seems an incredible addition to the sequel; Your snout thrown by fire should provide Ally a great challenge! It is not surprising that these creatures appear as intimidating; Tremor tusks are destined to be the protectors of other machines.

To return to (echo) system of the machine, it was created to maintain balance on Earth and ensure that humans can not end their lives again. The Tremor tusks were created as combat machines, protecting other species of machines, so they can do what they were designed. Doing without human interference, says Politeowski.

Fortunately, Ally will have multiple options to eliminate Tremor tusks and any other machine in the game, offering players enough freedom. It will be quite difficult for Politeowski and the rest of the team to overcome the enemies introduced in the first game, but the machines in horizontal west forbidden ​​are already even more intimidating than those of zero-sexy! Players will be able to discover it for themselves when the game is launch on February 18, 2022, at PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Meanwhile, you can check all our previous coverage of Horizontal forbidden right here.

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