Blue Archive Popular Ranking as a Dictionary Reservation Korea 1 Taiwan 3rd place

Net Games developed and the <Blue Archive, which is served in Nixon, has begun ahead of the Dictionary download that started ahead of the day.

As a result of the contribution of the Disuse Games, is the first place in the Korean Apple App Store, and the third place in the Korea Apple App Store, and the third place in the Taiwan App Store. The game has not been regularly launched, and it is a result of achieving dictionary download that started in the morning of the 8th.

Apple usually reflects the number of download values ​​in real time, while Google has some time differences. Without such a problem, the Google Store is expected to record the upper later in the Google Store.

Korea App Store Popular Ranking. Blue Archive is 1st

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Taiwanese popularity ranking. I am writing 3rd place

is a new work of PD, which is famous for . It is also a new mobile game that belongs to the so-called beautiful girl character collection type game.

Especially, this game is a game that is a game that is developed in Korea, but in Japan, first in Japan, we start the service first this year. I have led to a good response by attracting popularity to the sales ranking TOP 10 in the local.

in Japan, we have proceeded through Soda, but in Korea and Global, the service will proceed through Nixon. Basically, the ability of Japanese plates and Korean plates is not significantly different, and content updates are proceeded with the same schedule as Japan. And in the illustrations of illustrations, it is attracting attention because it maintains the same as Japan.

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is officially open at 8 am on the 9th.

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