Glasner punishes itself for romprehtion

Above all, two scenes symbolized the Frankfurt Triumph in Greece: Sge-Keeper Kevin Trapp launched in the 36th minute against the Giorgos Masoura s Giorgos Masouras, which was completely free before the gate. In the second half it was coach Oliver Glasner himself, who suddenly had an emotional outbreak in the 68th minute. Only pressing a ball pierced a ball on the side line and received the yellow card by referee Alexey Kulbakov.

If this action has been as a wake-up call for being not always present in the offensive team, then he worked. Because only a minute later Joker Jesper Lindström had the best chance for the SGE in the second half until then. The Lindström was in the detention time in the duet of the Joker finally, the Jens Petter Hage with happiness and skill lifted the late winning goal (90. + 2).

Cleaning Glasner punished himself

In any case, Glasner did not exhibit herself after the game, but rather tidied up: It was a great performance of us in a difficult game before sold-out house. We go with the first action in a backlog, I liked the reaction. The 1: 1 was a great way, after that we were a bit too passive for my taste. The second half was shaped by a great fight, we have kept the pressure and Kevin (Trapp; Note d. Red.) Was there again and again, summed up the Austrians.

For his little outraster during the game, the 47-year-old, however, set up a punishment. So he voluntarily wanted to pay a fine into the team budget. I ve fenced, but of course that was not alright, said Glasner and added smiling with regard to his quite tight, but not fully made shot, I could have done him even better. He is already a bit better Slipped out.

Chandler praises the spirit

After the Hesse did not meet for the first time this season – most recently last weekend at the 1: 1 against RB Leipzig \ – only in the injection time, Timothy Chandler tried with a statement for the new special discipline: In the end, the mentality counts. The late goals show the spirit that we believe in it by the last minute. It has been shown again that it is true in the team.

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