COD VANGUARD All operator to release how to clear them and what you can lie

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Call of Duty: Vanguard Lets you alone from 12 new operator in the campaign and multiplayer. What s new is that you level the operator this time and can equip with more skins. But first you have to play them. Like that works, you will learn here.

What are operator in COD Vanguard? Under an operator you do not understand a technician in Call of Duty, but one of the playable soldiers. At the start of Call of Duty Vanguard new characters are again at the start, but there are only three of them at the start of the game.

The remaining 9 guy and girls have to be free to play through special challenges.

Operator free play and race for more skins

What is the special thing about the Vanguard operator? Operator are quite new in COD games. But this time you can not only play the soldiers, but also place themselves again. Thus, you will then get more cool skins and other Cosmetics options for the operator, which should be careful with the new MVP elections for proper impression.

Also new are the favorite weapons. Because even though every operator can handle each fee in the game, everyone and each of the new characters has a favorite weapon. If you use this fee with the operator, you will be liven faster.

In addition, each operator offers certain challenges that give massive XP. By the way, you can find video trailer for some of the new operator here.

The individual operator, their unlock criteria as well as favorite weapons, we present in the following paragraphs.

Arthur Kingsley

Who is that? Arthur Kingsley comes from a prestigious family from Cameroon and fights for the British armed forces in a sergeant rank.

How to play the operator? You can unlock Arthur if you create 10 shots with killstreaks.

What is the favorite weapon? Kingsley most liked with a sten, a machine gun. So it is suitable for players who like to look for the melee.

Wade Jackson

Who is that? Wade is an American fight pilot and daredevil. He has the rank of a Lieutenant First Class.

How to play the operator? Wade is already available at the start of the game in the multiplayer.

What is the favorite weapon? Wade likes to like a machine gun of Type 100. Curiously is a weapon of the Japanese Empire. The weapon is also exactly accurate at medium distance and is suitable for an aggressive game style.

Polina Petrova

Who is that? Anyone who has seen the Vanguard gameplay to the E3 2021 knows that Polina is a Russian sniper. She started her career as a paramedic, but had to quickly prove her skill with the rifle. Polina Petrova holds the rank of a lieutenant in the Red Army.

How to play the operator? Polina is already available at the start of the game in the multiplayer.

What is the favorite weapon? Hard to believe, but Polina is actually a sniper rifle. More specifically, the triplet rifle, the deadly sniper for the game start.

Lucas Riggs

Who is that? This is a serious Australian who comes from a sheep farm. He is a simple man and has the rank of simple private in the armed forces of British Commonwealth.

How to play the operator? Lucas Riggs can you play in multiplayer at the start of the game.

What is the favorite weapon? The core rigs has nothing left for subtle maneuvers. Therefore, he rather run wildly with his Owen SMG into the tumbler. If you also like to perform such daring attacks, then plays this operator!

How to Unlock ALL Vanguard Operators
Roland Zeimet

Who is that? Roland comes from Luxembourg and was forced by the Nazis. But when his family was murdered by the fascists, he deserted and joined the Allies.

How to play the operator free? To get Robert, you have to deliver 300 kills with assault rifles.

What is the favorite weapon? Storm rifles are Roberts Ding and prefers the powerful German STG44. Anyone who wants to shine with the all-round gun in every combat situation, you should choose this operator.

Daniel Take Yatsu

Who is that? Daniel is an American of Japanese descent. Although his family was expropriated and sent to a camp, he provides his service in the US Army as part of a regiment consisting only Americans of similar ancestry.

How to Play the operator free? Daniel gets her by her delivers 200 kills with Markmann-Rifles.

What is the favorite weapon? The classic gun M1 Garand is the favorite weapon of Daniel. Thus, accurate shots can give, what makes Daniel a kind of mobile Sniper.

As long Hardewijk

Who is that? As long as it comes from Amsterdam and was actually student there. When the war broke out, she fled only to England and joined a special unit there.

How to play the operator free? You need 10 double wording to unlock.

What is the favorite weapon? As long as uses a heavy assault rifle of type NZ-41. This makes it easy to achieve massive kills on short distance.

Shigori Ota

Who is that? Shigenori comes from Japan and is the descendant of an old family of Samurai. He was mistakenly charged as deserteur and therefore deserted.

How to play the operator free? To get Shigori, you must first run 25 finishers.

What is the favorite weapon? Shigori Preferred a Japanese LMG of the brand Type 11. This weapon is light and versatile, but not as strong as other LMGs.

Béatrice Mercier

Who is that? Béatrice is a freedom fighter fighting on the pages of the French Resistance against the Nazis.

How to play the operator? If your Béatrice wants to have as an operator, you have to create 5 kills 10 times each without dying yourself.

What is the favorite weapon? The favorite weapon of Béatrice is a AS44 type assault rifle. The weapon shoots very fast, but is hard to control.

Padmavati Balan

Who is that? Padmavati is a brutal jungle fighter from India, which has a problem with colonial powers.

How to play the operator free? Padmavati loves shotguns. Therefore, you should deliver 200 kills with a shotgun before being playable.

What is the favorite weapon? The favorite weapon of Padmavati is a shotgun of type combat lint. With this pump-gun you skin in the melee everything away.

Constanze Trude Müller

Who is that? Constanze comes from Dusseldorf and was forced to join the BDM. But when she fell in love with a Polish freedom fighter, she closed the Allies.

How to play the operator free? Constanze you have to unlock with 300 LMG kills.

What is the favorite weapon? CONSTANZE prefers the mighty German MG42. This can help you incur your opponent with a veritable hail from ammunition and thus effectively control the battlefield.

Halima Zambardi

Who is that? Halima comes from Somalia and fights as a resistance fighter against the Italian colonial lines.

How to play the operator free? To get Halima, you have to run 50 kills in the loungers.

What is the favorite weapon? Halima Preferred the German Machine Gun MP-40. This weapon is a real all-round talent.

So much to the operator to start Call of Duty Vanguard. Further operator will certainly follow soon. In addition, you can gradually play the new operator in the warzone. She will soon get a new map in the Pacific.

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