What s up in Lost Ark online New message from Amazon

Between repairing subsequent Bugs in New World (we apologize for this malice, but we could not resist), Amazon Games found time to publish a new November message from Lost Ark online.

What did we find out?

First of all, recent revelations on the extension of supported regions were confirmed. You will join 34 new countries to play in Lost Ark Online.

We cooperated with Smelegate RPG to add Estonia, Latin America and the ocean (a total of 34 new countries) to the list of regions that will have access to the closed beta and on the day of the premiere at the beginning of 2022. We are happy to welcome additional players from around the world and we hope you will join us in the upcoming adventures.

Unfortunately, the Netherlands and Belgium – due to their antilotbox law – still remain on the ice. We feel sorry!

During the premiere of Lost Ark OnLine will be available only in English, German, French and Spanish, but Amazon does not preclude additional language versions in (far).

Lost Ark Online PL? It is definitely one of the favorites, especially since the game videos (promoting character classes) have already translated characters and skills.

English, German, French and Spanish supported by us will not change at the time of starting. Locating the game with the wealth of characters, the deep plot and expansive world size of Arkesii is a difficult task, and if we decide to add more languages, support will not be ready for a significant amount of time after the premiere at the beginning of 2022.

Lost Ark - Community Livestream with DatModz (10/22/21)

We also learned in which regions there will be LOST ARKA servers. Whether in the case of closed beta, whether in the case of the game s premiere.

We – as Poles – we do not have to worry. European Lost Ark Online servers will probably be in the same place as New World servers (Frankfurt, Germany). Low ping guaranteed!

Closed beta Lost Ark Online starts on Thursday, November 4, and the official prime minister somewhere in early 2022.

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