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Volvo, founded in 1927 in Sweden with the help of SKF, is a Swedish industrial conglomerate in manufacturing trucks, coaches and buses, construction machinery and marine and industrial engines. In Latin, Volvo – first person of the present indicative of the Volvere verb – means I roll.
Originally held by AB Volvo since 1927, the large public automotive activities carried out under the name Volvo Cars, belonging since 2010 to the Chinese Groupe Geely, after belonged to Ford for eleven years.
Volvo produces trucks, buses and coaches since 1928. AB Volvo is today one of the main builders of trucks, buses, coaches, construction machinery, marine and industrial engines in the world. It is the world s second largest truck manufacturer. At the beginning of 2002, AB Volvo restructured its truck sector by dividing it into three distinct brands: Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks Inc. and Volvo Trucks. Finally, Ud Trucks joined the group in 2006, in particular to increase his presence in Asia.
AB Volvo also produces generators and engines for the Naval Industry (Volvo Penta) as well as construction machinery (Volvo Construction Equipment). In the latter department, the firm is famous for its articulated dumpers. The Volvo Group also includes several business units such as Group Trucks Technology for Research and Development, Group Trucks Purchasing for Purchasing or Group Information Technology for its IT solutions and services.

While it is discussed by political side, when the internal combustion engine is to beat the last hour, many car manufacturers already create facts. So also Volvo: The Agenda of the Sweden provides that from 2025 half of the model range goes purely electric, everything goes according to plan, takes over five years later the electric drive.

After the power-operated version of the compact SUV XC40, Volvo now presents its coupe-like crossover offshoot C40 Recharge, which simultaneously marks the first only electrically offered model in the portfolio and cares with close relationship to the Polestar 2, as the sporty brother is also the C40 from the CMA platform constructed. According to the own right of the brand, the new takes a place in the premium area, where he gets it with competitors such as Audi Q4 E-Tron Sportback, Ford Mustang Mach-E or Tesla Model Y. The positioning in the upper house is also reflected in the price: The 1st Edition offered for market launch costs at least 62,050 euros, included in addition to extensive equipment also a Care package, which then includes liability and comprehensive insurance as well as maintenance and wear providence.

Two electric motors

For the drive, two e-motors are responsible, one at the front, the other installed on the rear axle, this results in four-wheel drive. The system performance is 300 kW / 408 hp, torque produces the C40 lush 660 Newton meter. Cheaper front drive variants should follow.

Nice, but associated with disadvantages: The sloping slope restrains the headroom in the rear and the view backwards. Manufacturer

Once again, on our first exit, how beautiful electric driving is: With powerful ELAN it is ahead in the 2,2-tonner, overtaking operations and intermediate courses do not worry, as quiet as well as relaxed we cruise through the city and over the country, The chassis carries us alike as comfortable.

Volvo C40 - AutoWeek Review - English subtitles

The standard sprint from 0 to 100 km / h manifests the C40 in 4.7 seconds. The maximum speed in turn is limited to 180 km / h, as with all Volvos, the so-called Care Key allows the tip to decline even further – for example, if the C40 owner entrusts his car to a driving companion.

444 kilometers standard range

As energy storage Volvo installed a battery with 75 kWh net capacity, according to the WLTP standard, 444 kilometers range should be in it, the assessment of the on-board computer remained about 50 kilometers under this value. The standard consumption is estimated at 22.3 to 20.7 kWh / 100 km. For the purpose of recuperation, only a single stage is ready, it enables One Pedal Driving, the e-auto-interested white meanwhile what that is – in the pill of the accelerator pedal results in a delay, whose strength is the active in the city Brakes almost obsolete makes. Unfortunately, the corresponding mode can only be cumbersome about the large, vertically installed touchscreen and there via a submenu. That did not convince us, just as little as the waiver of a head-up display.

Display Double: The info screen behind the steering wheel flanks a large high-clant screen. Manufacturer

For this, the new, Android-based infotainment works all the better, it reacts noisy to the call Hey Google and provides the usual applications such as Google Maps or Google Assistant. The C40 customer gets an unlimited data volume, which has the advantage that software updates will be performed uncomplicated over the air. At the same time, the cloud-based network allows for information exchange with other vehicles and thus mediates warnings from danger sites like black ice. At all, the safety equipment is extensive. For example, the automatic emergency brake system is also taken on pedestrians, bicycle and motorcyclists, another system recognizes when the center line of the roadway is run over and distracts the C40 back on the right path.

Waiver of leather

Because of eco-thinking many electric car drivers and drivers also heard a dislike against animal products, Volvo has designed the interior completely leather-free. The dress-seed slopes nibbles somewhat at the headroom of the rear passengers, but the trunk grabs a decent measure away, in addition to the 413 to 1205 liters in the back there is a 31-l- frunk under the front hood, which takes up the charging cable, for example, the charging cable.

At the 11 kW wallbox, the C40 uses three-phase and with up to 11 kW, at the DC fast load station invites you with up to 150 kW, within 37 minutes, the battery should be filled from ten to 80 percent.

During sales, Volvo travels the new digital paths: The C40 can only be ordered online. That may not be for every customer s simpler way – which is why the classic dealer is helping as needed. Volvo C40 Recharge shortly: When he comes: in November 2021 Who takes to seek: Audi Q4 Sportback, Tesla Model Y, Ford Mustang Mach-E etc. What drives him: two electric motors with 150 kW / 204, system performance 300 kW / 408 hp. Battery capacity 75 kWh net What he costs: 1st Edition from 62,050 euros What follows: Less powerful versions with front drive

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