Tiger King 2 Trailer to the 2nd season of the Doku

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The eccentric Exot Joe Exotic (AKA Joseph Allen Maldonado Passage) is the main character of the (very unilateral) documentary Tiger King: large cats and their predators published in March 2020 in Netflix s program. The self-proclaimed Tiger King Joe Exotic founded in the United States of America a privacy with large cats, and has been filmed within the scope of documentation since 2015, to its conviction for murder and violation of animal welfare laws. Since 2019 Joe Exotic has been serving the punishment for this.

The phenomenon Joe Exotic

That Tiger King: Great Cats and their predators at all, was probably not only at the charismatic as crugo-called Joe Exotic and the figures with which he surrounded himself, but also on the publication period of the documentary – namely at the time, in many places on the World about the Corona Pandemic prevailed initial restrictions.

Tiger King - Der Held der Netflix-Doku schockiert oder entsetzt?

Tiger King 2

The question that now asks is: could a second season Tiger King just as much excitement generate or would that be more wasted time? You can find out from 17 November 2021, because then your Tiger King 2 finds in the program of Netflix; The trailer looks up. Exotic is switched out of prison, while you can watch everyone else who had to do with his zoo while celebrating and (of course, after the success of Season 1) at money.

Again questions come up. Does Carole Baskin have something to do with the disappearance of Don Lewis? What Don had to create in Costa Rice? What happened between Joe Exotic and Jeff Lowe, the 2021 wandered a stop with poison behind his stroke? Questions about questions, and probably you will not answer all in Tiger King 2… as in the first not.

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