Netflix Tiger King officially gets second season first trailer agrees

Netflix has leased a curtain with its true-crime documentation Tiger King to a world that many people would otherwise have hidden. Producers Eric Gode and Rebecca Chaiklin portrayed trade in exotic animals in the US in their series. But what particularly out, the colorful troop was at collectors of these wild animals.

Who is the Tiger King?

Above all, the self-proclaimed Tiger King Joe Exotic, who founded a privacy for large cats in 1999, obtains a veritable cult status after the broadcast. The eccentric zoobesitzer is becoming more and more involved in the series in bizarre machinations, animal cruelty and murder threats.

When is Tiger King 2 on Netflix?

The Tiger King is back! Big cats and their predators, says the series in the German version, on November 17, 2021 on Netflix goes to the next round. We have also summarized a list of all new products in November in November. Besides, you can see the trailer here.

What awaits you in Tiger King 2?

In a new trailer, the streaming provider shows what the spectators can expect in the second season. The full trailer can be found below the article. In the continuation of the documentation series Netflix again promises drama, intrigue and, above all, the craziness that the fans enthused the first time.

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Joe Exotic is the clear star of the show, yet we probably will not get much of the Tiger King. The star of the series refuses a 22-year-old prison sentence in a federal prison in the US for the attempted murder of Carole Baskin.

Tiger King 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Carole is another main character from the first season and Joes Archfindin, because it leads a rescue station for large cats and wants to ban people like Joe collecting these exotic animals. She also appears shortly in the new trailer, but probably no major role is playing more, as she publicly refuses to participate in a second season.

Who is in the new season?

Since Joe and Carole are indispensable, the focus is on other characters from the first season in the new season. Since the publication of the original squadron, the other participants in the documentation have recovered both the public as well as the authorities, the continuation will focus on.

In the trailer we see people like Jeff Lowe, Tim strong, to speak to all Glover and James Garrentson. They talk about how their lives have changed since the first season and further illuminate the infamous Joe Carole saga.

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Enough material for a continuation

Even if the stars are no longer there, we will probably be able to expect further incredible stories from trade with exotic animals in the USA. After the first season was turned off, the production of the broadcast was clear that there will be a continuation. Rebecca Chaiklin told in a conversation with entertainment weekly that there is enough material to further count the story:

I mean, yes, we have an insane crowd of footage and it s a story that still unfolds. We are not sure yet, but it could be a continuation of this story, because there is still a lot going on In it unfolded, and it will be as dramatic and colorful as what has played in recent years.

Can you imagine why the series causes such a fascination with the fans? Write us in the comments!

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