Mutation presents a free DLC para Celebrator on an anniversary segundo

Mutazione | SAVE & SOUND DAY 3 | Audio Showcase by Die Gute Fabrik
Die Gute Fabrik has presented a new free DLC for mutazione . It is launched to celebrate the second anniversary of the title and is already available on all its platforms.

Under the name Penpal, this new update will allow access to the new content after we have finished the main story. We will have to access the Letters section within the menu, in order to see the mists that some of the inhabitants of Possum Springs, two years after the events in the main history. Every day for a week we can see a new letter to catch up with the island s gossip, and with each letter we will also access a new seed (seven more in total).

All this content, and we will see if some final surprise, will be part of the epilogue that aims to close the story of this brilliant telenovela with mutants of the Danish study. Surely my partner Marta Trivi, who had the opportunity to analyze the game at the time of her, also wants to know the Mutazione outcome. Then, she described it as a title where the function of Kai, her protagonist, is the conductive thread of what is happening on the island.

To advance the plot we need to cultivate gardens, explore, and meet the picturesque neighbors. However, none of this actions responds to our own desires. We arrive at the island waiting to give. Wishing to take care of. And that is exactly what we will do.

You can read our complete analysis here.

Mutazione is available for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , Nintendo Switch , PC and Apple Arcade .

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