The demice fan of Bloodborne shows his first 10 minutes of play and is incredibly faithful to PSX

FromSoftware It has been known to combine with Saga Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and the promising Elden Ring a universe of games that have already their own genre followed by millions of fans . Among them, Bloodborne is one of the favorites of many followers of Hidetaka Miyazaki , the exclusive of PS4 is among the essentials of the Sony desktop catalog.

DEMOKES are projects, generally carried out by fans, who seek imitate the aspect with which the games would look on older consoles that they have been released. We recently had an interesting Marake of Far Cry 6, and from Resident Evil 8: Village. But the Lafke of Bloodborne for the first PlayStation is taking all the spotlights.

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Everything is perfectly recreated and adapted The project was presented by the fan that is holding it a little less than a year ago and since then has shared numerous updates. On this occasion, Lilith Walther has shown us the first 10 minutes of play in a video full of details that can transport us to 90 , from typography and style of menus, the classic intro of the console , Until the aspect of tube TV, everything is perfectly recreated and adapted .

If you want to know more about Bloodborne and about Hideta Miyazaki , remember that you have available our special curiosities about Dark Souls father, and the article in which Adrián Suárez tells us why without Berserk there would be Dark Souls or Bloodborne as we know it.

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