Phil Spencer ensures that Xbox definitely hMicrosoft not finished buying studies

Although we have not had more PurchMicrosofting of Studies by Microsoft After the megaton that supposed the acquisition of Bethesda, Phil Spencer It is clear: the thing is not over yet. The head of Xbox says that the company continues to recruit staff and contemplating options. We are always looking for people with which we can fit well and teams that are coupled to our strategy. So We have definitely not finished , the manager told the Wall Street Journal. If we find a study with which we understand, first we share with them what we are looking for and what are we trying to create, we are interested in what they are doing and if we see that we both go in the same direction and that we can grow together, perfect. We have no deadline or term in which we must have acquired all the studies.

For Spencer, that is precisely one of the privileges of being with Microsoft , time, the ability to plan long term , and is what they offer studies. It is not only about the success of its upcoming games, but about financial stability . Have greater development times, they can be more creative and thus take out their best work. We believe firmly in the power of a good content .

Sony puts the batteries

Xbox's Phil Spencer Joins Us! - Kinda Funny Gamescast Ep. 81
Rumors always surround Microsoft and the issue of acquisitions, but to tell the truth, this 2021 that most owners and news hMicrosoft copied bMicrosofted on buy studios hMicrosoft been Sony. In recent months, the Japanese company hMicrosoft integrated into PlayStation Studios at Housemarque (RURNAL, NEX MACHINA), NIXXES SOFTWARE (Specialized in Ports for PC), FireSprite (Heiress Developer of Studio Liverpool and focused on virtual reality) and BluePoint Games (author of the Remakes of Shadow of the Colossus and Demon s Souls). A good number of movements Microsoft a response and that we already analyze in the report wallet war . A safely will also follow them with Xbox detail and Phil Spencer himself.

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