NBA News James Harden explains why he has not extended his contract in Brooklyn in the Offseason

James Harden would have been able to extend prematurely at the Brooklyn Nets in the Offseason, the Guard, however, decided date. In the course of the defeat at the Milwaukee Bucks he explained the reasons behind it.

During the offseason, Nets-GM Sean Marks was optimistic that both James Harden and Kyrie Irving would pronounce their contracts prematurely before the start of the season. This is not happening, with Irving and its vaccination status only too logical.

At Harden, the situation is sometimes more unclear, even if the former MVP wanted to take the wind from the sails to the topic after the start-up defeat at the Milwaukee Bucks. There is no reason to uncertain, assaulted harden. I focussed this summer to get fit again. I wanted to prepare for a great season.

Hardens contract is still running until 2023, but the 32-year-old could get out of his contract at the end of the playing time when he elapses his player option over $ 47.4 million. But the Guard wants to know nothing: I have no plans to leave this franchise.

Harden could become the top earner of all time

Instead, the focus is on the profit of his first championship. My contract and all the other stuff will be regulated by itself. Financially seen it was worse for harden anyway, not to extend prematurely. In 2022, the All-Star can draw its option and then immediately sign a new contract for up to $ 223 million for four years.

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In the fourth year of this working paper, harden could then get 61.8 million, which would make him the first player of the NBA story, which would collect over 60 million in a season.

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