Nintendo The first Nintendo Direct is now ten years old

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The year 2011 was shaped by many exciting developments in the gaming and tech world. At the beginning of the year, Nintendo published the 3DS, which should help the company in the following years about the heavy Wii-U-time. Apple presented the iPhone 4S at the beginning of October and thus the fifth generation of the world-famous device, while the smartphone market grew overall with a massive pace. And on October 21, 2011, Nintendo published a video for the first time, better two, with the then completely unknown title Nintendo Direct . In the following ten years, the Japanese company has established a regular format of video presentations, whose mere announcement already dominates social media trends and mimic the industry, for example, Sony with State of Play.

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The Life of Satoru Iwata - Gaming Historian

Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aimé

In October 2011, the then Nintendo President Satoru Iwata welcomed the spectators at a nearly forty-minute presentation at the time of new and exciting Nintendo games and led small interviews with developers and those responsible for the company. In parallel, Nintendo published another English-speaking and significantly shorter variant without interviews with the then Nintendo-of-America President and Meme Darling Reggie Fils-Aimé. Nowadays, new Direct expenditure only appear in a single variant with translations and subtitles for the various regions, and many different speakers and moderators occur. [H2]

Impacter like Sony and Google [/ H2]

Over the years, Direct format has become a established brand with Nintendo and also generally in the gaming world and found some imitators such as Sony or Google. Nintendo, in addition to the classic / large Direct expenditure, now also releases special offshoots such as Nintendo Direct Mini, Partner Showcase or also presentations on individual games as recently to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The video shows are now available on the Nintendo website, Youtube and Twitch for charisma or retrieval on call. We also report regularly about the contents of the presentations.

Sources: Nintendo / Ntower

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