The president of Mexico loads against videogames and the Nintendo after a case of kidnapping of minors

Videogames continue to copy the political debate in some countries, as well as to see a matter of priority for public health. In this sense, today we echo the statements of Andrés Manuel López Obrador , president of Mexico , where he announced the plans of the executive of him to look for a more responsible use of technology after A case of kidnapping of minors .

You have to be careful and you have to spend more time to girls, children and teens López-Obrador We are going to send a message to families: mothers, parents, children, teenagers, about the risk of electronic games, from Nintendo, All this that is very violent and that undoubtedly affects , said the governor. Of course we are free, forbidden to prohibit , best of all is self-limiting ourselves and that we all act responsibly. But if we consider what to be careful and you have to spend more time to girls, children and adolescents, he added .

Videogames indicated by Mexico

Next, the Security Secretariat announced a Decalogue of Recommendations that you can find in the Full Mexico 3D game pages, but which basically ask parents, mothers and children to be more careful with their actions online, avoiding chatting with strangers and sharing personal data . In addition, a list of video games were shared that apparently can be used by criminals in their goal of capturing young people after a case, mentioned at the beginning of the news, where a minor filed friendship with a criminal playing Free Fire .

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This case was a cell phone video game, but it can also occur through the consoles of PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch, they added, listed several video games known for a good part of the public as Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty, Pubg Mobile, Gears of War and Fortnite among other examples.

It does not seem that these declarations and actions of the Government of Mexico will go beyond a recommendation, but again it puts the focus of action on criminal attitudes in this industry. Thus, these statements remind us of those carried out by United States politicians, including those of the Donald Trump Expresident, where videogames were blamed on shootings in colleges and institutes.

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