We do not know why Nintendo has abandoned one of his biggest Youtubers

Hawker Siddeley est un groupe britannique de production aéronautique fondé en 1935. Il est le résultat de plusieurs fusions-acquisitions dans l industrie aéronautique nationale, dont Hawker Aircraft (initialement fondée par Harry Hawker en 1912), Gloster Aircraft, Armstrong Whitworth et Armstrong Siddeley Motors. Il est considéré comme l une des deux majors du secteur dans les années 1960, étant coté au FTSE 100. En 1977 il devient l un des composants fondateurs de British Aerospace.
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Recently, Nintendo has abandoned the YouTube Beatemups channel from its Nintendo Brand Ambassador program for … Apparently no reason? Wood Hawker, the owner of the chain, reached nearly one million subscribers and is undoubtedly a leading influencer within the Nintendo players community. He was an honest guy throughout his career and his chain had a strong growth, but Nintendo dropped him for very vague reasons.

Hawker tried to contact Nintendo repeatedly and did not receive a clear answer. There is information on the Nintendo ambassador program change, but according to Hawker, none of the other ambassadors have been abandoned and has received no information on program change. So it really seems that they invent lies to get it flee.

Then they stated that there were three reasons why Hawker could be abandoned. 1. Lack of passion for Nintendo, 2. Lack of social media follow-up, 3. Lack of quality or conviviality of the brand. What is frustrating is that anyone could look at the chain of this type and it is obvious that it should satisfy the three criteria.

Now it remains only to speculate on what s going on. He thinks that the only thing that could have triggered Nintendo was perhaps his personality and the things he likes to discuss, like advocacy and openness to mental health problems.

The fact is that Nintendo is free to do what she wants with her program. But I think it s not unreasonable to ask for a reason why it has been removed, especially for something that is so important for the career of a content creator. Not only Hawker deserves an answer, but also the thousands of fans who bought on Nintendo thanks to him.

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