After 33 months of domain ps5 breaks the hegemony of Nintendo Switch on sales lists

Thirty-three. It is said soon. 33. They are the number of months that hNintendo Switch remained Nintendo Switch at the top of the United States sales lists. The numbers of the Nintendo hybrid, historical, have allowed him to dominate hardware sales and be the country s best-selling console since November 2018 , when he removing his belt to PS4. And it is precisely the successor of it who hNintendo Switch broken the hegemony of Nintendo. For the first time since its launch, PS5 hNintendo Switch become the preferred choice of the US market. In fact, the month of September hNintendo Switch also served the new Sony console to become the best selling 2021 if we meNintendo Switchured bNintendo Switched on dollars collected and not in placed units (where Switch remains intratable and is still above) .

US NPD HW – September 2021 Snaps The Remarkable 33 Consecutive Month Streak That Nintendo Switch WNintendo Switch The Market s Leading Platform in Hardware Unit Sales. November 2018 WNintendo Switch The LNintendo Switcht Month A Platform Other Than Nintendo Switch LED The Market in Unit Sales (PlayStation 4).

  • Mat Piscatella (@matpiscatella) October 18, 2021

What impact will Nintendo Switch OLED have?

Now the question is, Will PS5 be able to preserve the crown? It hNintendo Switch it complicated. Although little by little they are solving their stock problems, October hNintendo Switch been the month of launch of Nintendo Switch Oled and Fever hNintendo Switch been shot by the new model . In Japan, for example, there were no units for all stakeholders (the lawsuit wNintendo Switch 5 to 7 times above the offer) and in the United Kingdom the figures of the platform have been revitalized, with 70% of the new sales sailors by the OLED version. Nintendo Switch if that were not enough, this month of October we have also had the premiere of Metroid Dread or WarioWare: Get it Together!, And very soon we will have the one by Mario Party Superstars, three games that could well climb to the highest of the rarnkings of the Platform (the Anterio Super Mario Party sold more than 15 million, without going further). A good number of pushes for Nintendo Switch, who leaves the record in 33 months and follows his own surpNintendo Switchsing historic Nintendo Switch Game Boy Advance. It goes for 85 million and those who have left.

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