Nintendo Switch will execute the Nintendo 64 games to 60Hz the highest quality of the time

The arrival of the Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch was one of the most talked about ads of the Nintendo Direct September. And, although many players awaited the news with enthusiasm, this one came with doubts details generated in the community. In this regard, many users began to question whether European titles would still have lower image quality than what was seen in games from other regions, but Nintendo has already jumped to confirm that Nintendo 64 games will run at 60Hz , which corresponds as the highest quality of the time.

European Nintendo 64 had lower image quality If we remember, Nintendo 64 had a feature with games: PAL titles, in the European region, operating at 50Hz, while NTSC, other regions made it to 60Hz. What, in a nutshell accounts, caused a noticeable difference in the visual quality of the game. With this in mind, and given that such a distinction was obvious in the Nintendo Direct US and UK, the community worried that Nintendo returned to fall into the error 25 years after the original release Nintendo 64.

Players can choose to play a version of 50Hz or 60Hz Fortunately, as published by Nintendo in Twitter, it seems that this is not going to be like . Also, for those users who prefer to play PAL titles with their original image quality, the Japanese company will also include the option to switch between 50Hz and 60Hz. A detail not only be enjoyed by European players because Nintendo will open the option to all regions with different languages ​​to choose .

Therefore, Nintendo has made a decision that pound of a possible avalanche of criticism, which had joined complaints about the extra cost that will require games Nintendo 64. Since users must pay a subscription apart from the Nintendo Switch Online to access the console titles. A strategy that do not support 100%, but at the least is complemented by the arrival of a N64 controller with additional buttons and one of Megadrive, which will have its original format 6 button in Japan.

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