Smash Bros Ultimate Appointment for the last DLC

Nintendo Direct is a series of on the internet presentation or live shows generated by Nintendo, where details regarding the business s upcoming web content or franchise business exists, such as details regarding video games and consoles. The discussions started in Japan and The United States And Canada with the very first version on October 21, 2011, previously later on broadening to Europe, Australia, as well as South Korea.

As in the middle of yesterday s Nintendo Direct the name Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fell, probably some thought it was so far and the last fighter would be presented. These reveals have traditionally but always been the opener for Nintendos shows, and actually followed in the Direct only the announcement of the announcement.

Here is all the important information about the event:

When? on the 5th of October, 4 pm German time
Where? on Nintendos YouTube channel
Length: about 40 minutes

Link to Twitter content

Who is the last smash character?

40 minutes is a long time, as much as the complete direct. Masahiro Sakurai, the father of the Smash series, is presented again in his final Mr. Sakurai Presents a Deep Dive for the last character. Next to the fighter itself, and his release date, there will be a round of Mii costumes again. The big question is: Which figure fills the last free box in the bid of Smash Ultimate?

That s what the fans wishes: The community is not that really agree, who is still to jump on the smash train. Ultimately, every fan has his favorites he would like to see in the game. More often, Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series, Rayman and Waluigi are called.

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That s probably: Waluigi as the last DLC fighter? That s unlikely. It is well possible that Sakurai is completely behind the Smash series after the completion of Ultimate, and as the last presentation he will hardly choose a meme character. Compute with a familiar main character of a popular game series.

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The question is also whether it will be a figure from the First Party offer or a well-known third-party figure. Master Chief, Aloy, Crash Bandicoot – With an unexpected cooperation, Nintendo could take a neat for swirls. From our own ranks are hardly known characters anyway. We are curious if Nintendo will ventilate the curtain in two weeks.

Which last character do you want yourself for Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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