Animal Sen Friendship pigeon cafe is going to return Halloween pumpkin parties in October

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Nintendo in the morning (4) morning, in the middle of Nintendo Direct , announced a collection! Animal Sen Friendship Free update will be released in November, the detailed update content will open in October Animal Sen Friendship Direct , and the film preview also suggests the Pigeon Cafe is about to return. . In this promotional film, islanders came to the museum, approaching the signboard of the pigeon cafe, which was written in 24 hours. Finally, there is a chance to enter the cafe to listen to the old boss, and maybe it can work for new DIY! In addition, in October, there will be a celebration of Halloween, from October 1st, you can collect a candy in the NOOK store every day. No. 31 island will also gather in the square celebration, do not give sugar. From October 25th to November 3, you can also celebrate the Undead Festival , buy a unique marigold decoration.

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