Shadowrun Trilogy announced on Switch

It s not every day that Paradox Interactive has the opportunity to announce a little something about Switch, but the publisher was on the Nintendo Direct program to announce a portage of the Shadowrun trilogy.

Developed by the Studio Harebrained Schemes, which has been part of Paradox Interactive since 2018, this trilogy of isometric tactical RPGs had so far never made any appearance on console. Adaptation of the role-based role play of the same name, compilation will include Shadowrun Returns (2013), Shadowrun Dragonfall (2014) and Shadowrun Hong Kong (2015). The series stands out for its mix of cyberpunk and fantasy making Futuristic megacorporations, magic, dragons, elves and trolls, whether in Seattle, Berlin or Hong Kong according to the episode concerned. Each opus offers a mix of 3D characters and hand-painted environments, turn-based tactical fights and skill-based progression. While waiting for your release on Switch next year, the trilogy Shadowrun is already available on Steam and Gog.

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