Nintendo Switch Online will continue receiving NES and SNES games

After a few rumors, during the Nintendo Direct of yesterday, it was finally confirmed that there would be a new membership of Nintendo Switch online , which would add games of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis . This membership will have an additional cost to the existing one, but then those who do not choose to make the improvement we will continue receiving titles of NES and SNES?

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It was just this same question the one that the reporter of Axios, Stephen Totilo , made him Nintendo . Via twitter , the journalist shared the answer he got from the Great N:

Nintendo told me that you will continue adding NES and SNES games for people who decide not to improve the new Nintendo Switch online subscription.

Nintendo Tells Me That There Will Still Be More Nes and Snes Games Added for People Who Do not Upgrade To The New Tier of Nintendo Switch Online.

  • Stephen Totilo (@stephentotile) September 24, 2021

So there you have it, you can continue enjoying new NES and SNES titles even if you decide not to advance this new service subscription.

So that you can enjoy the games of Genesis and N64 as they should, a new wireless controls of these consoles will also be put on sale and here you can see how they look. Nintendo mentioned that this new membership will be available at the end of October, but they still did not put a specific date. Same case with the new controls.

Via: Stephen Totilo

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