Mario Party Superstars shows new boards in action Return more Nintendo 64

Mario Party Superstars is one of the nearest deliveries on the way to Nintendo Switch, and it was no surprise to see it during this Nintendo Direct. In the presentation, they showed 3 boards we had not seen since they debuted in Nintendo 64 : Woody Woods, Horror Land and Yoshi s Tropical Island.

A new mode of survival was confirmed. Some of these boards have original mechanics , which only the veterans of the franchise will remember. In horror Land, for example, we will have a day and night system, being the latter where a statue of King Boo comes alive, and can steal stars from the other players.

A new game of game was also announced, called Mt. Minigames. If you are looking for it only to enjoy the 100 minigames included in this delivery, you can do it here, where players will compete accumulating points, until there is an absolute winner.

Like traditional modality, this game mode can also be enjoyed locally and online. Mario Party Superstars will come the next October 29 , and its pre-sale is now available within the Eshop.

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