Mario Party Superstars reveals three new trays before leaving

Nintendo Direct Reaction: A BIG Game Reveal; N64 Joins Switch Online But Where's Game Boy? (ft. MVG)
It only remains a month before leaving, so Mario Party Superstars goes for the second and takes advantage of this Nintendo Direct to show in detail the springs of three new trays. Yes, there will also be unpublished content in this compilation of old episodes of the party-game series. In addition to the five trays extracts from Mario Party 64 (so the famous birthday cake of Peach), the players can travel three entirely unpublished, developed for the occasion, with the woods of Woody, the ile Tropical Yoshi and the land of horror, where the famous King Boo will wait for them farm. But this new trailer was also an opportunity to highlight the mountain with mini-games. Everyone for yourself or in a team, this mode includes several multiplayer adventures to cross in two teams, or everyone for oneself. All modes of Mario Party Superstars will be playable online as soon as it released on October 29th.

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