Disgaea Developers will announce a new GRSP at Tokyo Game Show

Nippon Ichi Software, developers and publishers of the Dishaea Strategic Role Set, will present a new strategy RPG to the next Tokyo Game Show, as confirmed by the Tokyo Game Show program. This is particularly exciting, since Nippon Ichi Software is best known for its disgaea series, which has recently reached 5 million sales in the world with a large pomp. The Disgaea series is a rid-turn grid strategy game, full of humor and lively powers. Nippon Ichi Software has also published many GRSPs, such as Phantom Brave and the Kingdom Mari Series.

The exact description of the window is approximately translated by Nippon ICHI Software – New Simulation RPG announced , without more details. In Japan, tactical RPGs are abridged in simulation RPG as an abreiviation of Strategy Simulation RPG . As Nippon Ichi Software recently released Disgaea 6 earlier this year in January, it is unlikely that the new RPG will be a suite of disgaea. Instead, the new game could very well be a Spin-off of disgaea, as was the case with the Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Volume of 2006. However, as this game was the last tactic spin-off RPG Disgaea out, a spin-off of disgaea is also extremely unlikely.

In other from the Tokyo Game Show, the mysterious new Sega RPG that made waves a few days ago turned out to be a mobile game, as this teaser shows. It was a new disappointing for many JRPG fans, since there was a great possibility that news is linked to Persona, which is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary.

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