CSGO Natus Vincere Strong Pisa on the scene and wins the Grand Slam of Intel

ESL Pro League Season 14 ended with the confrontation of the two best players in the world. With Natus Vincere milita Oleksandr S1MPLE KOSTYLIEV , while Team Vitality has Mathieu Zywoo Herbaut . At stake was the Intel Grand Slam, as well as the recognition of being one of the best teams currently.

For the great end of the event, five maps were played: Dust2, Inferno, Nuke, Overpass and Mirage. Throughout all, there was a demonstration of the best level of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive . In Dust 2, Natus Vincere had an excellent terrorist side with 10 rounds; Team Vitality closed with five. The second half showed resistance on the part of the Zywoo team, but it did not reach to slow down the Argance of S1MPLE with its 1-0.

Inferno was in the hands of Team Vitality since the first half, with enough attack rounds to keep a difference 7-1 on the scoreboard. Although Natus Vincere scored five more, the French team did not let go of the advantage and tied the series with 1-1 . In Nuke there were good terrorist sides on both teams, but S1MPLE helped the Ukrainians have enough advantage to specify a 2-0.

Overpass was a similar story to Inferno, with Zywoo and company starting with the right foot and accumulating enough rounds to force the decisive map. Finally, in Mirage, Natus Vincere gave the Batacazo with 10 good defenses. Although the change of rounds threatened with the comeback on the part of Team Vitality, its rival ended the day with a 16-14 for 3-2. Thanks to this, he also took the season three of the Intel Grand Slam .

The Intel Grand Slam is a prize of 1 MDD for the team that wins four Great Caliber events (Tier S) of ESL and Dreamhack, in a space of 10 events. It is also awarded by winning six events organized by both companies in the same period of time. The three season started in 2019 and extended until September 2021 as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Natus Vincere won four category S events to crowned as the owner of the Grand Slam.

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