Raducanu writes story at the US Open

Never before has a qualifier who won the US Open or a major tournament, but Raducanu disappeared this history out of force on Saturday night. After three qualifying matches, the 18-year-old Britin won – which was born in the Canadian Toronto – also their seventh main round game. And also the final against Fernandez went like all other duels only over two sentences. A sporty fairy tale of the special class!

Sentence 1: Wilder Start – Raducanu uses the fourth sentence ball to lead

In the first sentence, it went well for Raducanu, which leaned up some break balls, but then did not take the premium to their opponent. In the next kick-off game, this advantage was used again, because now Fernandez was allowed to cheer over a hardly wombed break and expanded with its own surcharge immediately to 2: 2.

After this wild start, the match was on the series again, and the two teenagers were committed in temporary baseline duels in which Raducanu was with great precision and printing the minimally more active player. Fernandez kept declared with start-up stops and as well as Raducanu with whipping frontpiece balls.

The score of 5: 4 for the Britin Raducanu, daughter of a Romanian and a Chinese and born in the Canadian Toronto, again proper pressure on the Canadian born in Montreal, the prompt nerves showed and fast 15:40 was back. But Fernandez once again showed her fighter heart, then resisted three sentence balls, marriage Raducanu took the fourth sentence ball with a crashing past. Almost an hour, the beat remedy of the two surprise finests in the first sentence that inspired the viewers.

Sentence 2: Fernandez leads for the first time, but Raducanu leaves the completely cold

Raducanu now had upper water, won the first operation smooth – and thus provided a felt effective hit at Fernandez. Raducanu had promptly had two break balls, which they could not use, but away – Fernandez was similar to the 1: 1 and thus spent the risk of rapidly getting in a downlink in the second set.

Rather, the Canadian turned the skewer and put Raducanu under pressure at her next impact game, awarded four break balls, but then took the surcharge with self-confident blows of British the surcharge – 2: 1, for the first time, Fernandez led in this final. But Raducanu dropped completely cold this mini cock and countered with the re-break. As in sentence one, after a wild initial phase, everything was again in the normal rhythm and Raducanu set with a recovered impact game to 3: 2.

Fighted and gave everything: Leylah Fernandez. imago images / upi photo

And how did Fernandez react? They found themselves more and more in the defensive, Raducanu now grabbed fantastic baseline strokes, who robbed their opponent the nerve. The episode: An attack ball played Fernandez too unplaced and the storm to the grid flew the Hammerharte prehand-return around the ears to the 2: 4 residue.

Raducanu was completely in the track and did not take this advantage anymore – the audience supported the scanning Fernandez with every successful blow, but the turnaround did not manage her anymore. The next kick-off game for 5: 2 leadership was a slight affair for Raducanu. This was followed by two match balls for Raducanu, but these could ward off Fernatte again with full use and shorten to 3: 5.

But then Raducanu hit the match win – and Raducanu had to treat himself at Breakball Fernandez, because after a longer sliding her leg was bleeding. Fernandez then awarded the chance to set 4: 5 – and lost the match because Raducanu turned the third matchball with an ace.

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