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Snapdragon Vijay’s first match day: Free Fire Pro Series concluded. With 4 unknown 29 km and 110 points, the overall points are at the top in the table, after this Blind Aspress is with 23 kils and 98 points.

Fan favorite total gaming was low on his day and he is at 19th place. However, this is a long league, and teams can always compensate the initial flaws.

Snapdragon Victory: Free Fire Pro Series Match Standing

The first match played in Bermuda was won by Chemin Aspresses with eight pieces. However, Blind Esports is at the top in the point table with 11 points. Blind knotra was MVP with eight pieces.

4 Anonon won the second match of the day with 11 forts, where Anand was MVP with five pieces. Team Chaos secured second place with seven frags.

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LVL iconic claimed the third match with eight pieces. Head Hunters played aggressively to claim 12 frags, while Team D Aspres achieved third place with nine frags. Asim of Head Hunters won the MVP award of the day with five pieces.

Blind Esports played carefully to win the fourth match with five frags. 4 remained at the top in the match table with 11 kgs. 4 Undertaking of the MVP of the match with seven frags.

Ankush Free Fire Aspress won the fifth match with 13 kg and after that Blind Aspress won with seven forts. TSM FTX secured third place with five frags.

The sixth and final match of the day played on the desert map won the Evil Army with 10 Frags. Desi Gamers, who gained 4 o’clock in the morning, topped the match table with 12 frags. EA Bhim is the MVP of the match with seven pieces.

Day Pro Squad Player (Top Artist)

Free Fire Pro Series were the top four players of day 1:

1) 4 those-Radhe – 4 unknown

2) BLD-Gunotra – Blind Sports

3) 4 those-Anand – 4 unknown

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4) EA-Bhim – Evil Army

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