Gameville 2021 Gamp Global Update

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Gameville (representative use) said that the Global update was conducted on ‘2021 Games Bill Pro Bay, Superstas (2021 Gamp.).

This update increases the recruitment opportunities for legeners that serve as the key to the game. We can easily get a three-color legend trainer in the ‘Legend Trainer Probability Event’, which will proceed to the 21st of the month.

Eco , which helps cultivate the starter by agile properties, including Eco , Rachel , which is especially powerful in Shining angeles scenarios, and Pluto specialized in Mistics Unicer’s scenarios. It was included in the list of events. The probability industry has been able to efficiently recruit the target trainer, which has been a chance to operate a strategic cluster.

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In addition, we have also established an event that enhances fostering efficiency and acquiring abundant compensation. By the 29th of this month, ‘Shining angel Scenario Burning Event’ is conducted. During the period, a strong player can be fostered even when a ‘SP (skill point)’ consumption is reduced in the shining angeles scenario.

Until the 15th of this month, ‘the strongest shine angeles fostering contest’ is conducted. If you foster athletes in a shine angelsceneios in the contest period, the best compensation, such as ‘Legend Trainer Income Rate’, ‘Legend Core Cube’, depending on the rating of the athlete.

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