FIFA no thanks 2021 is the perfect year to change to PES Column

Bye, Bye Fifa. The state of the football world 2021 makes me the choice of my football simulation as easy as ever: with Pro Evolution Soccer’s back to the roots.

There is still a bit more: With the push of the European Super League , the world football elite has shown emphatically in recent weeks that Gier has long been the only motivation of the industry.

This is the (preliminary) highlight for decades of development , which was pushed by astronomical transfer sums and player salaries, grotesque consultant bonuses and investor acquisitions.

After all, however, the sad spectacle has finally clarified for me one of the most important gaming rivalries at all : FIFA vs. Pro Evolution Soccer – and in the end it was a canter victory.

FIFA and PES: Modern professional football is a disaster

Football has become a high gloss product that is getting more boring at the same time. Actually, the sport should live by his tension and unpredictability, but tension already exists in European football only as a marginal note . All major leagues are dominated by one to a maximum of two teams and that for years. Also in the Champions League are always the same teams in the quarterfinals.

Personally, I can not do anything with clubs such as Bavaria Munich, PSG, Barcelona or Manchester City at all and thus most of the competitions in professional football have lost great relevance for me in recent years.

The easiest way would be in theory of taking a distance from football, but for that the game is too close to my heart. That’s why video game football offers me a real alternative .

FIFA: The biggest strength is the biggest weakness

FIFA has often opted for the comparison with PES in the past, because the trump’s licensed teams and the associated money printing mode FIFA Ultimate Team were simply too strong. Also, at least, at least the last few years mostly knows more about FIFA than pes.

But now I’ll be remembering the states, when I fifa Zocoke, I could repress. The licensed teams and players are no longer argument for but against the game . Who wants realism if reality is not to be racing?

FIFA does not feel like a football simulation, but simply like a marketing campaign for a completely outstanding industry. Clicking through the menus is similar to scrolling by the Instagram accounts of the richest clubs in the world. In particular, the FUT mode is actually only a glorified Freemium Mobile Game with overpaid football players and the mandatory microstransaktions for this genre, which would be sufficient alone as the reason against EAS product.

Pro Evolution Soccer: Please no longer licenses

Even if Pro Evolution Soccer is by no means a perfect game, it does not remember at least at every touch of the touch Qatar, serial master, Cashico and Co . At least in Master League Mode, the best mode ever since Pro Evolution Soccer 3 anyway, football feels like football from another time.

The jerseys are monochrome shirts that would probably be made of cotton in real life. The club logos have a charming Wordart charm and many player faces also sometimes have a recognition value with good will. But makes football fun, the league is always exciting and I do not have to be able to watch the same teams and players when winning in real life.

However, I still have a criticism: despite FIFA’s expensive sponsorships, PES still has the official licenses for Manchester United, Bavaria Munich, FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin. For the 2022 version, I therefore have the desire to abolish these licenses and just access them completely on decorated names, logos and faces. According to the motto: there is still a little less.

Look at the upcoming game highlights 2021 in our video:

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