PS5 Pro Leaker Names Price and Release for Sony s Highend

According to a leader, Sony should already work on an improved version DEPS5. The leader has called both prices and a period for a release.

Many users suspect that Sony should already work in secret on a more powerful model of the PlayStation 5. At least of various sources, Sony is working on the Playstation 5 Pro, which will be a higher and higher quality version of the existing console.

That’s why: The Youtuber Moore’s Law Is Dead has introduced his leads to the PlayStation 5 per more detailed.

The new console should include a new AMD chip, which mainly offer more performance. It is therefore quite likely that a faster console will also turn to a smaller buyer layer and would like to position Sony in the high-end area.

How safe is the leak? The Youtuber Moore’s Law Is Dead had already previously predicted real things when it comes to consoles. In his leak, he also not only calls information on the PS5 Pro, but also goes on the official Showcase of Sony on Thursday evening. Nevertheless, you should look at the leaks with a decent portion of skepticism.

PS5 Pro Leaker Names Possible Release for 2023/2024

The following things called the leader:

AMD's Strongest RDNA 2 Card is for Prebuilts

  • The PS5 Pro should appear at the end of 2023 or early 2024 and thus is based on the release period of the PS5, which is also published in winter.
  • The PS5 Pro should cost between 600 and 700 US dollars (equivalent roughly 500-600 euros).
  • With the PS5 Pro Sony allegedly wants to judge Gamer, who want to gamble in 4k or 8k.

When will it give official information? The leader had clearly explained in his video that there will be no further information about PS5 Pro during the PlayStation Showcase event.

The console should also be far from the market launch. However, much more is not known.

Although the design reveal of the PS5 had become known that Sony is actually publishing two models of the PS5, but at the second model will not be a stronger device, but a PS5 model without drive. Of course, some users still hope that Sony could work on a faster model.

What could expect us? Even if there is no specific specifications to the console, it is nevertheless to assume that a pro version could provide a decent performance boost. Because the change from the normal PS4 to PS4 Pro offered a significant performance boost: so the PS4 Pro on the paper offers more than twice as much power as the normal PS4 model.

So far, not even everyone interested has received a PS5

But there are also quite criticism of possible plans for a PlayStation 5 Pro. For example, at the current time, not all interested gamers have received a PlayStation 5, and try to get a console in various PS5 tickers.

Now put the few resources into a new model, do not like each user. Because currently the resources are still scarce, as such semiconductors, which are needed for PS5 and Xbox, are still in short supply. Nevertheless, there is at least hope that until 2023/2024, the hardware market could have calmed down.

For example, the Tech-Gigant Toshiba declared that the bottlenecks for semiconductors will go until 2023, but it should look much better again

What do you think? Are you looking forward to a future, more efficient model of the PS5 or are you satisfied with your current PS5?

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