How to Get Flero Trib Bundle from Free Fire Diamond Royal Event

Costume Bundle are one of the most desirable cosmetics Free Fire. Most users are intense desire to achieve them. Game players have a Diamond Royal event of which is an excellent way to provide ways to obtain special bundle.

Fury Tribe Diamond Royale recently ended, and have made their way into a new sport featuring Flero Tribe bundle.

This total will last 19 days, during which players will need to create spin using diamonds to be eligible to win a set of special dress.

Diamond A Guide to Flaro Tribe bundle through the Royal in the Free Fire

As previously mentioned, Flaro Tribe bundle grand prize of the newly launched Diamond Royal. The price of each spin event 60 diamonds, while 10 + 1 Price Collection spin 600 diamonds.

Instead, gamers can use the Diamond Royal vouchers for it. With each successive spin, players will enhance the luck that players total more likely to receive the Grand Prize.

Flero all items in the Tribe bundle are here:

  • Flaro tribe (top)
  • Flaro Tribe (below)
  • Flaro Tribe (Boots)
  • Flaro tribe (top)
  • Flero Tribe (Fespent)

Get Diamond steps to access Royal in the free Fire and Flero Tribe Bundle

Step 1: Once the player must click on Free Fire Once open, then click the left side of the Lobby menu Royal icon on your devices.

Step 2: Under the Diamond Royale section, gamers after making all the spins in, would choose them.

Step 3: ask to see a dialog box, which confirms the process of users. After doing so, the diamond will be the free-fire account of the player, and awards shall be a random prize pool.

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