Bitter from against historical Alcaraz Gojowczyk abandoned by their own body

The incredible triumph of Carlos Alcaraz over Stefanos TsitsiPas was the story of the US Open Saturday night. A star is born, Boris Becker swarmed 18-year-old – and he was do not the only one who was done by the Spaniard. For Alcaraz, however, it was now necessary to confirm his success – and that against Peter Gojowczyk, who himself represented one of the whole thick surprises of the tournament, after all, he was considered as a number 141 of the world in the second round.

Alcaraz is led to position 55, thus walked as the large favorite in the match and quickly led 3: 0. Much was spoke for a march of Iberer, but far was missing: Gojowczyk snapped up and turned out to be a really hard nut for Alcaraz, who did not play so error-free, as he was still against TsitsiPas. The 32-year-old German found a recipe for the lively Spaniard. Again and again he played on his backhand, which is not so dangerous by far as its pre-hand, in between, was played on the body – and gojo turned the first sentence to his favor, won this with 7: 5.

Fast second, then gojowczyk returns

Pop up please: Carlos Alcaraz. Getty Images

Through two was then fixed, the Spaniard flew over the square and won 6: 1. But it was not relaxed for Alcaraz, because in theorem three Gojowczyk has revealed impressively. The German unnerved Alcaraz with strong defensive game and was mentally there when it came on it. The 2: 1 sentence guidance was the logical consequence.

Alcaraz was now under pressure, but he stopped. Set of four was offset, but the 18-year-old worked stable, calling for Break and Re-Break at the stand of 2: 1 but a Physio and took a Medical Timeout. He was treated on the left thigh and swallowed a few ache tablets. On the court Alcaraz did not seem to be impaired in his movement, but he was used to the legs quickly.

gojowczyk in the injury spoken

On the other hand, Gojowczyk had a vacuumely, the latteriness lacked the intended mistakes piled – and promptly moved Alcaraz. Then the Munich had to take a medical timeout from his point of view of 1: 4 from his point of view, even with him it was tweaked in the thigh. He bit his teeth, tried it, but it was noticed that Gojowczyk Hopp or Top played – noticeable: Sprints were no longer in it at the 32-year-old, so nothing was in the passage. Alcaraz compete with 6: 2 the decisive fifth.

Gojowczyk not only struggled against the Spaniard and the audience, but also against his striking body, which made him the surcharge too – in total was too much for the German, who after 7: 5, 1: 6, 7: 5, 2: 6, 0: 6 ultimately highly charged mainly from the US Open adopted.

On Alcaraz, who as the latest quarter-finalist of the US Open in the Open Era in the round of the last eight, the winner of the game Francis Tiafoe (USA) is now waiting for Felix Auger-Aliassime (Canada).

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