Case Guys Ultimate Knockout Jungle Book Outfits Thanks Disney

Thanks to a cooperation between Disney and Mediatonic, which was announced in the Gamescom Opening Night, the recent update rinsed from case Guys: Ultimate Knockout a few costumes from the jungle book in the popular party game virtual wardrobe. Three outfits will find the way to the Ingame-Store one after the other:

  • Mogli costume – 3 to 6th September
  • Shir-Khan Costume – 7th to 9th September
  • Balu costume – 10th to 12th September

A fourth outfit – the King Louie costume – you will be able to unlock by participating in the temporary King Louie event, if you reach the minimum point number required for the period between 3rd and 12th September. In addition, the following rewards are waiting:

  • Jungle book nickname: 200 points
  • KAA pattern: 400 points
  • King Louie Costume (bottom): 800 points
  • King-Louie Costume (top): 1100 points
  • King-Louie nameplate: 1400 points
  • Jungle book emote: 1700 points

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