UFL must first do without career mode

With a lot of rod, the developer had announced its first football simulation as part of the Opening Night of the Gamescom 2021. The impression was awakened as if Strikerz Inc. would develop a serious competitor to FIFA and PES successor Efootball. But many facts were not presented, but in the context of a Q & A, however, there were answers.

The most important realization: a career mode is not available to the release. The focus first applies to online mode, which cost a lot of infrastructure. A subsequent implementation by updates was not excluded, also the opportunity to play with friends to play offline.

Release appointment continue to uncertain

A release date continued to be announced, no false hopes should be awakened. Strikerz Inc. is still in the middle of the work process on UFL, it should be excluded that the title is published in the same time window as FIFA (October 1) or Efootball (September 30). This conclusion also suggests the announcement that the developer still reacts to feedback from the community before publication.

Strikerz Inc. plans to perform further questions and answers in the coming days to provide the community with further information. With each revelation, the UFL image becomes a bit more complete. And the fans will always be able to assess whether they are actually facing the release of a potential new place deer.

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