Tales of Luminaire new information very important about the Tales of Mobile

First introduced at the Opening Night Live Gamescom 2021, Tales of Luminaria is a new project within the mobile license of Tales. This weekend, we were promised the first message of the team developing the game, and you can find it here. In this message, we find Yusuke Tomizawa, the producer of the Tales of license, Yasuhiro Ikeno, which manages Tales of on smartphones and finally to Sugi, which manages the location of the game.

Yusuke Tomizawa begins by saying that Tales of Luminaria will be the next title in the Tales series of after the game Tales of Arise which goes on the console. He also goes back to the fact that the license has reached 25 years and thanks to the fans before adding they have decided to make this year particularly in a challenging year. On the one hand, we have Tales of Arise, representing a challenge on consoles and on the other hand, Tales of Luminaria reinforces the challenge in smartphones.

We also learned that Tales of Arise was designed with the theme heredity and evolution, while Tales of luminaire was designed with possibilities and discoveries in mind. It also adds that want to increase the number of fans of the franchise in the world. A final precision that can be important: including content volume must exceed that of the old installment of the series.

Here is Yasuhiro Ikeno who brings us a little more details on this new title. Although many thought a rehash or mush with familiar characters, will be a completely original title. Which means that our hypothesis about the appearance of the characters of the old titles is not possible. This is what the producer said:

He also returns to the fact that this single game can be played in portrait mode. If you’re used to phone games, this is not necessarily a problem. Moreover, this way of playing, you can enjoy the game with one hand.

Sugi comes to inform us that the game will be available in full with English dubbing. We also learned that later come a video with more information on Tales of Luminaria. This video will be scheduled for after September, so we expect to arrive in early October. We hope to have information about the history and business model. And for those who expect the release date, it will be revealed soon through the official Twitter account of the game.

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