What were your highlights of Gamescom 2021 Vote

The second purely digital gamescom is now over. How did you fend the trailers and information shown? And what were your personal highlights of the event?

This was shown on Gamescom 2021: From 25th to the 27th of August, the digital Gamescom 2021 ran and brought many new information and streams around Gaming as usual. For the interested viewers, all streamed content was free on the official channels of Gamescom on Twitch and YouTube for free as well as monsters and explosions, the common channel of Gamestar, Gamepro and Meinmmo.

During the Opening Night Live there was a real firework of trailers and info. In two hours, over 40 trailers were shown to play like

3 YEAR OLD NBA LIVE 18 DRIBBLING is better than NBA 2K20
* Cod vanguard
* Far Cry 6
* Saints Row
* Cult of the Lamb
* Dokev and many more

Even a live performance of the violinist Lindsey Stirling with a new song to Tales of Arise was there. Developers and synchronous speakers had the word on stage and could tell more about their games.

But even after the Onl, it continued with reports and interviews. So we played by Meinmmo the multiplayer game Blood of Heroes and our colleague Elena Schulz from the Gamestar was able to speak with the developers of from Software about her coming game Elden Ring.

More about Gamescom 2021 on Meinmmo can be found here:

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  • Gamescom 2021: All 42 new trailers and information of the Opening Night

You can vote: Your voice can be handed down as ever below in the survey tool. This time you have a total of up to 3 votes that you can forgive to the different games. Consider that the choice can no longer be undone as soon as it was hit.

Write us into the comments about which announcements you were most happy about Gamescom. Was something especially cool there or not really your case? Have you missed any games? How does you fend the trailer fireworks of the Opening Night Live?

Tell us and have fun with vote!

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