Mode Games Varied Games Line

Indie-Publisher Mode Games today announced its plans for GamesCom in the run-up to tomorrow’s Opening Night live. As the official partner of the fair, which takes place from 25 to 27 August, Mode Games will present the fans new information about his master-reclaimed games.

Around the fair are also planned on various media events – including the Future Games Show, which is broadcast on 26 August, as well as part of the IGN GamesCom program on 26 and 27 August. With the already announced Titles SoulStice, in Sound Mind, Super Animal Royale and Rustler as well as a surprise announcement, mode will provide a furore on the Future Games Show.

SoulStice , which was announced on the PC Gaming Show, while this year’s E3 is announced, is a stunning hack-and-slash action title developed by Reply Game Studios and in the player’s control over two characters at the same time take over. The innovative dual character setup allows the players to dominate the battlefield unique way and unleash spectacular attacks that combine the strengths of the Sisters Briar and Lute. Through the wise and skillful use of the forces, great damage can be achieved with the opponents. The champion of the skills of the duo is the key to salvation in the world.

I have reached the end game on Deadman Mode

In Sound Mind by We Create Stuff is an imaginative first-person horror experience in which player dip deep into the psyche of their character. There you get it to do with the unpredictable dangers that dune in their deepest memories. In Sound Mind is developed by the team behind the legendary nightmare house 2-mod and perverts seemingly harmless memories of shocking horror scenarios. Oh, and a talking cat is also available in the game.

In Rustler , which is in development with Jutsu Games, players in the role of the anti-hero Guy, a villain, which is determined to win the big tournament and to tear the affiliated price itself. Players should throw down, because it is important to tackle the challenges of the Great Tournament to terrorize the population to catapult the cows of heaven and pie as medieval rackets absolute chaos.

Super Animal Royale is a Battle Royale with a zoological twist. Players choose their favorite cuddly, genetically altered animal from over 300 races. With over 600 cosmetic objects, everyone finds his style and can jump from the back of a huge eagle to a fight for life and death with 64 players! Then shot with shotguns on sparrows, thrown with grenades and bananas and ridden on Emus and hamster balls to the top of the food chain. The explosive isometric action pair perfectly with the expressive flat design style, and the innovative fog of-War system enables a gaming experience that is equally profound and strategically as fun and accessible.

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