Gamescom 2021 Efootball tail trailer of gameplay and info

It was fine for round balloon lovers after UFL surprise during the Live Night Opening. Efootball is therefore at all players waiting for a quality simulation and curious to know Konami’s intentions with a free-to-play led to evolving over time.

A little more than 6 minutes of gameplay video help get a small idea of ​​the changes made for this successor of Pro Evolution Soccer supported by Lionel Messi Andres Iniesta and Gerard Piqué.

For his part, producer Seitaro Kimura is very, very reassuring:

With as many changes this year, it is important that players understand in the first place the sensation of our gameplay on the ground: highly realistic and based on our passion for football. The experience gained over the past decades to develop the PES and Winning Eleven titles has been put at the service of Efootball, with the aim of reaching a massive and global football fans audience. This is the beginning of an unprecedented adventure and we have great projects for the future.

As for the content, odors, sensations, the promises are numerous. First a precise dosage of the strikes and the speed of Dribble (with the haptic return, later, in the form of update, for the dualsense of the PS5). Then more freedom in the control of defenders and tacks, more authentic physical battles, special stripping special more difficult to master but fatal, improved duels thanks to the motion matching and made more dramatic by a zoom of the Camera, an improved IA and generally better transcribed animations. Not to mention that there should be no dead time thanks to the Seamless Restart.

Now, there is no missing one thing: try it. EFootball arrives this fall on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The iOS and Android versions will be available later.

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