Xbox Announces the Halo Command Infinite Elite Series 2 Limited Edition Date and price

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Xbox hXbox presented during the Opening Night Live of the GamesCom 2021 two products derived from twentieth anniversary of halo . On the one hand, this Xbox series console x Halo Edition infinite; On the other, a command Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 thematized with motifs of such an expected videogame.

Unlike Halo Infinite, it will arrive at stores this December 8 with its multiplayer mode (without cooperative) and full campaign, Xbox Steming Halo Infinite Elite Series 2 Limited Edition It is already in Presament and will be launched in a crowd of selected markets the next November 15 ; Same date Xbox the console.

The Xbox Halo Command Infinite Elite Series 2 Limited Edition will cost $ 199.99

The command hXbox a personalized design that is inspired by the renowned armor of MXboxter Chief. Likewise, it presents a metallic green color in worn matte; Xbox if it were affected by a tough battle. The D-Pad is golden iridium and hXbox different interchangeable materials, Xbox well Xbox the standard black model of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which we could analyze at the time in Meristation with pleXboxant results. Its price will be of 199,99 dollars.

Joystick tension settings, different crossheads, joysticks and rear levers … The control housing is customized with unchens of UNSC logo. In the absence of knowing until when this command will be sold, whose units are limited, halo followers in general and halo infinite in particular have a new incentive here to change control and take the jump to the most advanced version of Xbox controls of the present.

The first anniversary of the Xbox Series generation will also be the time chosen to celebrate two decades from one of the most important intellectual properties of the Contemporary Era of the Video Game.

HALO INFINITE It comes to everyone for Xbox Series, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC next December 8 with campaign mode and seXboxon 1 of multiplayer mode. INCLUDED SERIES IN XBOX GAME PXboxS.

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